With customers happy JEIL’S history
  • 1994
    05_ Foundation JEIL (CEO : KIM JU-JIN)
    04_ JAPAN Hasegawa Gear Work.,Ltd technical cooperation
  • 2003
    08_ ISO 9001 Quality System Certification
    04_ Incorporation JEIL president KIN JU JIN
    05_Investment of foreign companies(Japan CONSOL YOSHI)
    08_Factory Relocation(Masan Free Trade Zone)
    03_Promising SME (Kyung Nam Bank)
    04_Selected CleanBusiness
    06_Designation Venture Company
    07_academic-industrial cooperation(chang-won technical highschool)
    08_Business agreement (China SHAANXI QINCHUAN)
    10_Equipped large Grinding Form Machine(800, 1500)
    _Equipped Three dimension measurement machine and Cnc gear tester(800)
    12_Export contribution awards (Knowledge Economy Minister)
  • 2010
    01_Established R & D Center
    05_ISO 14001 Quality System Certification
    10_Gear shaft support device Patent (10-09915493, Korean Intellectual Property Office)
    01_Registration of qualified maintenance 5 domestic plants (Southeast,Eastwest,Central,West, South)
    07_SME Innovative Technology INNO-BIZ Registration (SMB Administration)
    08_Join SME Innovative Technology INNO-BIZ
    05_Medical Business agreement
    06_Join KNB FAMILY CLUB (Kyung Nam Bank)
    01_Registration of Posco Sourcing Group
    08_ academic-industrial cooperation (Changwon Munsung College)
    12_3 Million Export Awards (President Park Keun Hye)
    _Citation for Export Awards (Ministrer of Commerce)
    05_Selected as a promising export small and medium enterprise (Gyeongnam Small and Medium Business Administration)
    11_ Selected as a designated company for military service exemption
    12_Family-friendly company certification (Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)
    04_Registration of patent No. 10-1513405 (Large-sized press slide falling prevention device) (KIPO)
    05_ Awarded the commendation of the weekly award of small and medium enterprises (k-biz SMBA)
    12_Awarded Export Promotion and Masan Export Free Zone Development Award (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
    05_Won a prize for being a model SME for Gyeongnam small and medium business (Small and Medium Business Administration)
    10_Won a prize for special prize for Gyeongnam small and medium business (Kyungnam Bank)
    05_Jiangsu Enterprise Certification (Ministry of Employment and Labor)